New technology and toolset for
development, deployment and run-time support
of web applications
What is a web application?
A web app is any software that runs in a web browser.

It is created in a browser supported programming languages, such as the combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and relies on a web browser to render the app Wikipedia
Sometimes we refer to the web app as active websites and tend to percieve and to use them the same way as native apps, but behind the screen both are absolutely different. The structure of a web app is a legacy of backward-compatible evolution of Web, where all started from documents, not programs.
Aplextor is a solution allowing to develop web apps using the same processes, patterns and even programming languages as you do for native apps
Thus, Aplextor rethinks the concept of web app: A web app is an active website is developed, run and managed in the same way as native apps, rather than a set of documents.
Let's do next step in web apps development!
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August 2016
Today we see a steady trend of smooth change of web standards to better conforming requirements of modern web applications. On other hand, we have to admit that document-based architecture never will be fully withdrawn because of backward compatibility reasons. It means that document-based architecture with HTML, CSS and JavaScript will remain a solid basement for web applications for a fairly long time in the future.

Key targets of the Aplextor project are:

  1. To give ability to develop web applications as applications, not as documents, and avoid contradiction and complexity noted above
  2. To make web application development process independent of dynamically changing web standards

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Aplextor technology
Coding your web app in HTML, CSS and JavaScript with pile of frameworks is similar to coding native app in Assembler language.
Aplextor technology based on a high-level abstract architecture of web app
Independence: Next improvements in web standards and browsers will be implemented to existing web apps without complex re-builds
Flexibility: Unique technology of flexible lexis allows to tune up used high-level programming language to looks like C, Perl, Python, Java, Swift, PHP and amy other popular languages
Portability: You can build a web version of your mobile app in short time using one programming language and habitual programming patterns, like MVC, instead of three-to-five web languages with deep app re-design
Cutting edge: Aplextor Architecture implements patterns of microservices and reactive programming
Aplextor Toolset Server (AxTS) is a software system installed over widespread and cheap Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP) hosting platform
LAMP virtual hosting is cheap but has limited performance and contains no built-in tools for web app development and management. Aplextor Toolset Server powered it up to the level of real PaaS.

Start to use Aplextor in three easy steps:
Purchase a hosting service
You can select any cheap and massive hosting plans based on Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP (LAMP).
Install Aplextor Toolset Server
Download installation script AxInstall.php, copy it to root folder of your website using FTP or CPanel and run command http://www.yoursite.com/AxInstall.php
Finish setup and start to build your web apps
Complete simple setup procedure, select preferable style of programming language and start developing of your web apps. Aplextor Toolset Server contains a lot of preinstalled templates and components and allows to deploy ready-made web apps from other developers.
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